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Discover Why Alicante City is One of the Most Vibrant Places in Spain

When you prepare to visit Alicante, think of at least a three days break, because you simply cannot have enough of the sunny days, tasty food, nightlife, colorful festivals and of course, the friendly people. Pack your dancing shoes, your sun lotion, don’t forget your camera, and that’s just all you need – the charming Alicante will do the rest!

The big tour operators from around the world compete to offer excellent Alicante travel deals, because Alicante simply has it all. You will find many historical – cultural monuments and museums that can be easily visited on foot. Any time of the year is great for enjoying the city’s beaches. You can have a beach life all year round due to the excellent weather and miles of sandy beaches.

And what can I say about Alicante cuisine? It is just wonderful. Almost every restaurant in Alicante offers some variation on paella not to mention the extensive international cuisine available from around the world in the many good restaurants in Alicante City.

Alicante shopping is a favourite pastime for many tourists and locals. You will find something for everybody, from international labels to local crafts, in designer stores, department stores and even outdoors.

Alicante festivals are just amazing. St John’s Bonfires festival is my favorite. There is a daily firecracker display that shakes the buildings to the point that one might think they will crumble to the ground.

When night falls, everything is transformed. Music and vibrant color come to life in the Alicante nights. You’ll find outdoor terraces, cocktail bars, and pubs in the old quarter area “el barrio” and the Port. There is something for every taste: calm and low-key, salsa clubs or dance clubs.


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